Moto X 2nd Gen won't charge

I’ve had my Moto x 2nd gen for a couple of years, and in the last few days it stopped charging. I’ve tried two different chargers and cords. Whenever i plug it in, every few minutes it vibrates and the charging icon appears on screen as if i just plugged it into a power source, though it never charges. It just keeps buzzing every few minutes as if i had just plugged it in to a power source. How do i fix this?

Is there pocket lint in the charging port resulting in an intermittent connection?

It’s not the cleanest, but i don’t see any lint.

Hi @joshuad.0tu14q

Have you tried charging via USB?. Just a thought.

Additionally, have you ever tried the good 'ol Clearing the Cache …(I understand you need a charge to do that, just throwing that out there as it often solves strange anomalies).

It’s not easy to clean. If you have a little squeeze bottle like the ones that come in hair coloring kits you can fill it with rubbing alcohol and flood it with that. If you do this, hold the phone with the port facing downward since rubbing alcohol does have some water in it. Everclear (95% pure grain alcohol) would be perfect for this but who keeps that at home? I use a magnifying eyepiece and a flashlight to inspect the port on my phone but not everyone has one of those. The lint can get packed into the bottom of the port keeping the plug from being fully inserted.

“Everclear (95% pure grain alcohol) would be perfect for this but who keeps that at home?”

Buy a small bottle and bury it the back of a freezer, nobody digs that deep.

Everclear (95% pure grain alcohol) would be perfect for this but who keeps that at home?
At home never. College, well that may have been a different story.

It’s also good for homemade kahlua. Most recipes call for vodka so you just use half as much everclear.

Didn’t want to go there, but seriously, that stuff is a damn good cleaner when used properly.

I only know about using it for kahlua because it was used at a military installation I once worked at. We were suppose to get 24 pint bottles of it for cleaning the tape drives but someone screwed up and we got 24 cases of 24 bottles. Some mixed it with Tang to make a screwdriver but it was too harsh for me.

OMG @billg

That is just too funny. Literally an image from a scene out of the popular show “Mash”.


Reminds me of college parties with grain alcohol roughly chopped fruit and assorted fruit juices, ice cream and or sherbert. All in humongus amounts in 3-4 large garbage bagged 40 gallon containers. Wow thats about all I remember but it was $10 at the door till the Hairy Buffalo runs out.

*** ~~ßocephous™***

Curiously, two years later that missile site was closed. In that time we had used about 1/2 pint of it but all the rest was gone. The area with the computer room was very secure with guards right outside the door so I suspect it was an inside job. Me? We had a party making kahlua but only used one case. “Mash” does sort of describe that assignment.

Sounds like you and I attended the same college. We used to acquire the fruit juice concentrates used in the dining commons and instead of mixing with water well…

And the next morning (okay early afternoon) some of that “pickled” fruit made for an interesting “breakfast”.

rolandh wrote:

And the next morning (okay early afternoon) some of that “pickled” fruit made for an interesting “breakfast”.

Hmm. By remarkable coincidence on Monday I “pickled” a half dozen hard boiled eggs in sliced jalapeno juice. I enjoyed one with a cold beer before supper tonight. Two weeks ago I finished a half dozen that were “pickled” in a jar of pickled beets juice. They turn out an attractive deep purple that for some odd reason some find repulsive. That includes my SO but she’s at her condo for the winter.

bg, your killing me. (pickling things is a skill in my opinion, not to mention delicious).

My lake has a healthy population of northern pike. Sometimes we pickle then and they taste just like pickled herring. When I was a kid we still had an ice box at our lake cabin and every few day the ice man would bring us another chunk of ice that had been stored in sawdust after being sawed from the lake during the past winter. I suppose all this pickling and canning is rooted in those days when refrigeration was a luxury. I grew up on everything from pickled pig’s feet to pickled turkey gizzards.

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