Moto X 2nd gen won't turn on




My moto X (2nd gen) died from low battery. I’ve put it on a charger, but it would only light up green LED by the speaker and then vibrate and show white battery screen every 5 minutes. It’s been charging for 4 hours now but still would not turn on. I’ve tried unplugging it and holding power button for 2 minutes but it would not react at all, if I hold power button for 2 seconds it turns on the screen showing low battery and then turns off again. Seems like the phone wont charge and tries to reboot itself every 5 min and thus prevents battery from getting charged to the point it can turn on. Please help, I really dont want to buy a new phone


Here is a link to Motorola Guided Assistant, you may want to access the Power section and work through the process. Each section builds on the previous and may provide a method you have yet to try.


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