Moto X 2nd gen work in Asia? If not, how can I retrieve messages?

Headed to Taiwan, Hong Kong. Will my $10/month plan with Moto X 2nd gen work there?
Will Whatsapp and Line apps work also? Any info helpful on this. I don’t really want to upgrade to the 15/mo phones if possible. Thanks.

Good Morning @brucec.zjtd6v and welcome to the Community!

Your Moto X2 will work outside the U.S. as it does at home when it’s connected to WiFi. Republic offers no cellular coverage outside the U.S. If WhatsApp and Line are working for you now, there’s no reason to believe they won’t in Taiwan and Hong Kong (again when connected to WiFi).

Perhaps, this might be of interest:

In particular, the heading “Legacy Republic Phones” pertains to your Moto X2.


Hey, thank you so much for your help…I appreciate much!


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