Moto X 2nd generation broken screen



i cannot use my Moto x 2nd gen because of a broken screen
what phone can i buy at my local Best Buy store as a replacement while my phone is being repaired/ waiting for parts


Sorry to hear.
Edit: You will not find any 2.0 plan legacy devices at any retail store.
U can buy a 3.0 compatible device though.

See this supported phones page for compatible devices.
Some models require certain build numbers.


O. I see u have the Moto X 2nd gen.
That is a R.W. custom rom phone.
Unlocked version are not compatible with R.W.
Those Legacy devices are no longer made or possible to buy new.
They were never sold in any retail stores.
U wont find any compatible 2.0 phones at Best Buy.
U may be able to find one of the legacy phones on or Ebay.
It must be labeled as a Republic Wireless phone.

You can buy a supported 3.0 unlocked device from Best Buy, but you will need to order a R.W BYOD SIM and upgrade to the current 4.0 My Choice Plan.


So no quick fix?
I did order the new screen today for my Moto X 2nd gen.
Can I buy ahead and have something I can use for a back up?


U can take ur phone to a repair store like CPR.
But that is an old device and such stores may not have the part instock.
May cost more than it worth anyway.

U can buy any of the Supported phones and a R.W SIM card if u like. If u buy from R.W, it will take a few days to get to u of course.


Hi @dougk.xp0grx,

Do you have a place in mind to have the phone repaired, and have they given you an idea of how long it will take? Perhaps I could send you a loaner to tide you over?


I just submitted a repair request to Motorola for a Moto X 2nd gen. I went ahead and did the advanced repair option where they send you a refurbished phone, and you send yours in after you receive the refurbished phone. Cost is $124.99 + a $150 security hold. I’ll update here if anything goes awry. I’m surprised they are still repairing/replacing Moto X 2nd gen. phones. My wife won’t let that phone go.


Hey the guys at Cellular Mekanix here in Eugene, Oregon do good work.
I broke the screen back in August and finally had it fixed.
Less than a month later it broke again, this time the cracks in the screen made it unuseable. Matt at CM had the new screen overnighted and my phone was fixed within an hour or so!
I like happy endings and I now have the phone back in its case.:blush:
Thank you everyone at Republic for your kind support.:+1:


Just to close the loop on my story, my replacement Moto X 2nd gen arrived. It has all the Moto Maker customizations (white phone, red leather back, silver highlights) of the original phone and looks brand new.