Moto x 2nd generation. Pictures are too large to send via email


I can’t send more than 1 picture at a time via email. App says it’s image is too large.
Does this have anything to do with the email provider I use, or the browser?
What is the resolution, or is there?



Hello @johna.gfp11e
The email your using could be 1 bottle neck (along with which app your using)
the Camera of the Moto X 2nd is detailed and each picture is between 2MB and 3.5MB

I would recomed a photo/file service to share photos
like Google Photos, AMazon Photos, Flickr, Box, G-drive

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Thanks, drm186, I’ll try that, & will respond with outcome!



You could also try using the Gmail app on your phone. I don’t know what the size limit is with Gmail, but sending 2 or 3 pictures shouldn’t be a problem. I would think the bigger issue would be whether or not the receiving party would be able to receive an email with large attachments. The pictures would be rejected if their inbox doesn’t have enough capacity, for one thing.



Okay, sending photo to google photo’s didn’t help. Photo taken is 3.2mb, and sending it to Google photo’s didn’t change size or allow me to change size. The first year and a half using this phone it was creating photo’s about 1.3mb size, now it’s about double that. There’s got to be something I’ve done or another app I can use.

There have been countless issues with this back in 2014-15, but never have a seen a resolution when doing research, but I still believe I’m doing something wrong.



I’ve had issues in the past myself. Your topic allowed me to give more thought and believe we may have a solution.

After reading this earlier I used my Gmail app and was only able to attach and send 2 photos that werw about 5 MB each or one about 15 MB.

I then went to Google Photos and selected nine photo, choose to Gmail them, there was an option to send as large or original and total MBs of each choice. Sent as large or original with no issues. If total MBs too high to send via Gmail, it will show a short message indicating so and not send the remaining photos.

When the photos arrived at my non Gmail address the displayed photos were cropped and the photo files were available to open from the bottom of the email to view them sans the cropping.

Good luck.


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Very helpful solution, PlaneTherapist! Also, I figured out that I can also use the Microsoft Office picture tools that resize pics so they can be uploaded to a webpage. Again thanks!


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