Moto-X 2ndG repair


My phone was dropped and top glass crackeed, still works. Needed toget it repaired


Hi @leroyp.61pw8s

Very sorry to hear that.

Edited: Are you going to do the replacement or have it fixed at a repair shop?. The reason would be the obvious cost to repair versus a newer device. And, of course, the 2.0 plan is in play.


Not sure if you are asking a question at all?

R.W does not have any kind of repair service.

You can certainly take it to a place that repairs phones, though the cost to replace the broken screen may be more that buying a new more modern phone, of they can even get the part.

CPR - Cell Phone Repair is what i recommend, if there is one in your area.

Else, yo can look into buying a newer model supported phones.


You can check and see if Motorola will repair it. I have used their repair service half a dozen times and have been satisfied:


That is a question, when extrapolating. Bottom line @leroyp.61pw8s, do you have a screen protector on it?, if so, Don’t remove!. If not, you may try to lightly apply a cheap one, to buy some time.

Backup things now.


Technically…no…"needed’ is past tense…so technically they are implying it has already been done.

But i figure they meant to type “need to get it repaired.” But there is no ? or further comments and also in general section and not Problem solving or Question section…so, thats why I am a bit, cautious.


Fair enough. I will still suggest backing things up while the screen is still working.