Moto x 4 call volume too low

I have a motox 4 and the call volume is terrible. Even on speaker I can barely hear the calls. This has been going on since I got the phone. Ringtone and other sounds are loud enough. I have rebooted and that doesnt help.
Any ideas?

Issue Description

The ring(tone) volume and call volume are two separate settings under Settings -> Sound
can you please check if the call volume is set to a suitably high level?

Yes it is all the way up. Still need a quiet room to hear it very well.

Does your issue happen on cellular or WiFi or both?

Do you have all the software updates installed on the phone?

Happens on both. And with and without headset. Headset might make it slightly worse.

Yes it says up to date

Has it always been this way…or did you start experiencing the issue recently?

It has been this way for a while now. Can’t say if it is from day one for sure

Try to clear cache and see if that has any impact on this behavior.
The only other option might be factory reset, for that you will have to decide how much of an annoyance this is.
If it survives factory reset then it is likely a hardware issue and you may need to contact motorola support and evaluate your options with them.

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Hi @kristac.e5cdiu

@amitl has been offering great advice! I’ll try and add a few more suggestions to see if we can fix this.

From this post (see link below) there are a few more things to give a try… I’ll post a few here for you.

  1. Try disabling the Audio Effects system app

  2. Open the app called Device Help (it’s automatically installed on Moto 4x phones)
    Select the Fix tab
    Perform a speaker test
    Close the Device Help app.

Here is the article MotoX4 low speaker volume

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I was looking online at republic community and I thought cache reset would be a good option, but then I saw that my phone does not allow that. Motox 4 is this true?

You are correct @kristac.e5cdiu
The Moto X4 does not have a Clear Cache partition.

Clear Cache partition Moto X4

Thank you to both of you for helping me.

The audio effects didn’t make a difference

The speaker is loud and clear under help.

The receiver is the part that is much lower volume.

Any ideas.?

Hi @kristac.e5cdiu

I would take @amitl advice and preform the Factory Reset. As stated, if this issue survives then it’s most likely a hardware issue. Remember to back up any data as this wipes the phone!

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