Moto X-4 how to remove pin at startup

Brand new Moto X-4 user - easily set up the phone and transferred my Republic number to it. The multitude of updates have been completed.
In doing all the steps it asked me to set up a Pin number - I did this as well as the fingerprint registering.
I prefer not to have a Pin number - I just want to power on the phone and have my start page in front of me. How do I eliminate the Pin number.

Thank you for the help.

See if this guide helps –,news-21217.html

We never set a PIN on our Moto G6’s but we do use the Moto app. Love the Moto Display Peek and Attentive Display options!

Thank you.
Is it possible to have the fingerprint access and not the Pin - seems like I’m always typing in the Pin? Thanks again.

A PIN, pattern or password is required as a backup when using fingerprint security. If something were to go wrong with fingerprint security and there was no PIN, pattern or password on the phone, you would be locked out.

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@rolandh, as always, is correct :smile: We simply set our phones to swipe (no pattern/PIN or fingerprint) and we’re done with it. But others prefer or need the additional security. YMMV

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Hi @evl,

You can set up the fingerprint to unlock in Phone Settings, Security and location. Once you scan in your fingerprint(s) it will unlock without using a PIN, Swipe or Password. Every three or four days or when phone is restarted it will require a unlock by the other chosen means. In Lock screen preference you can choose to set up lock phone using finger print also.


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