Moto X 4 Phone is dropping voice while talking


Every time I make or receive a phone call, I keep dropping the call… it goes silent and then I can hear again, or I can hear the other person, but they can’t hear me. The situation continues until one or the other just gives up.

I have the Talk & Text plan. Please Help!


To help the community assist you, please provide a bit more information

  1. Where does this happen:
    a. At home on your WiFi
    b. Work/School/Store on their WiFi
    c. Only on Cell

  2. Please narrow the failing condition down as much as you can


Thank you for your response. I have only used this at home. So, I would say at home on my WIFI. I only have Text and Talk.
It just cuts out all the time.


Thanks for the feedback, to further narrow down a possible problem it would help to eliminate Republics Bonded Calling for testing (Bonded Calling will attempt to merge WiFi signal with Cell to overcome a degraded signal)

Deleted method previous suggested The methodology previously outlined did NOT eliminate Bonded Calling (Fact checked, by fellow Ambassador and Republic Development)

Correction: 1/17 1:45 EST

  • Here is how to bypass Bonded Calling for testing
    • Place phone in Airplane Mode (2 finger swipe down) then turn WiFi back on


I followed those instructions, but the problem still persists.


This is a strong, if not certain indicator that the issue is the wifi network / internet connection. What if you do the opposite of what you just did. Turn off wifi on the phone to force the call over the cellular connection, does the same thing happen?


Yes, when I turned off the wifi and forced the call over the cellular connection the same thing happened, although I think it may have been slightly better.


This might open up the possibility of an app causing the problem. This could be discounted by booting the phone up using this link for instruction –> Safe Mode



Did Safe Mode make any improvements for you?


@lindas.lxaupx Any news on if you were ever able to resolve this issue?


Thank you so much for checking on me. I still have a problem with this phone, but I started it in the safe mode and then I couldn’t reach anyone to talk to to check it out. it either seems to cut out very early in a conversation or after about 15 minutes. I still have to try safe mode, and I’ll let you know.



Hi @lindas.lxaupx,

If you’re still waiting to have someone available so you can test in Safe Mode, I’d be glad to test with you.