Moto X 4 random reactivation?

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? unlimited talk and text + 1 GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

Have a new Moto X4 for a few weeks and has worked fine. i keep getting prompts to download system updates, so i’ve done all of those. another one appeared recently - i believe it was a motorola update. did the update, restarted phone, everything seemed fine, but a few minutes later i got message “The Sim card has locked. Please power cycle the device and if problem persists contact Customer Service”. i restarted the phone and got the same message plus a new “Invalid SIM card” notification. Restarted it two more times and it finally worked. but then i got a message that my phone activation was almost complete (it looked like the same procedure that i went through when i originally activated the phone). i’m supposed to restart it to complete “activation”, but i’m wondering if this will affect the phone in any way - will it wipe it clear? will my text and voice messages disappear once the phone “activates” again?

is it normal to have to reactivate the phone as if i just bought it and am setting it up for the first time?

Now a second question: i got a notice that my data was being used up quickly - like 347 MB in one day when i was on wifi. when i tap “see where your data is going” it shows a small list and almost all of the data used is under the category “other data” which isn’t really helpful. i have turned off mobile data under settings for now so as not to burn up data that i’m not technically using. Is this unexpected data use normal with this phone?


No harm will come to the information stored on your phone and you will need to complete “activation” to regain use of the phone as a phone.

While I wouldn’t call the experience normal, the phenomenon does occur from time to time. Essentially, the SIM and Republic’s servers have lost contact. Completing the activation sequence again generally sorts that. If this reoccurs, I suggest powering down the phone, removing and reseating the SIM, then powering up the phone.

It’s possible your phone dropped the WiFi connection and, therefore, used cell data. As for the other data characterization this may explain: What Is "Other Data" on My Cellular Data Usage Tab? (3.0 Phones) – Republic Help. In particular, the fact your phone is going through the activation sequence may be pertinent.

Please do not turn off mobile data in Settings. Republic phones require this to be on to work properly. To restrict cell data use you’re paying for while sorting this, please use the Republic app’s Data Freeze option described here instead: How to Enable Data Freeze in the Republic Wireless Application – Republic Help.

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Dear rolandh,

Thank you so much for this thorough reply!!

I followed all instructions - restarted the phone so that the new activation could complete and nothing was lost - and the phone works fine. i did not remove the SIM card - it came preinstalled and i’m not sure how to remove it. i haven’t seen any other SIM error messages, so I’ll assume it’s ok for now.

I also turned the cell data back on and then used the Data Freeze option instead to prevent random data from being used. i remembered that i did take a walk on the day the excess data was used, so something must have been running in the background and using data without my knowledge.

Thanks again for your help - these problems seem to have been solved.


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