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I am considering purchasing a Moto X, 4th generation, from Best Buy. What info do you need so I can be sure that the phone will work with your service which I currently have for my Moto X, 1st generation? The phone comes with a SIM card. Is that compatible with your service? Also Best Buy’s price is $150 but yours says $350 so I am obviously missing something. Thanks


Hi @bjean,

I took a look at the BB site and the X4 from them will work with RW. You will need to purchase a RW GSM SIM card to install before you activate it. RW and Amazon usually have the SIMs available. BYOP devices from other vendors are often priced less less than in RW’s store. I just upgraded to an X4 myself and it’s nice.



Hi @bjean,

Would you mind posting a link to the phone you are looking at, so we can make sure it is a compatible model?


Hi @bjean

To piggyback on what @PlaneTherapist says…It’s true the new phone will need to be activated with a Republics GSM SIM. However your old Moto x is using a CDMA SIM.

In clearer words:
Your old moto x uses Sprint. The new GSM SIM will give you coverage from t-mobile.

If after getting your new phone you find the coverage lacking. You can open a ticket and request a CDMA SIM.

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Just so you understand, that $150 price looks like it is with activation with another service provider, which according to their site is only Verizon or ATT, which might cause you some difficulty, as you would have to activate it with them, then try and transfer, unless you get tied into a contract. We purchased our Moto X4 phones from Best Buy but there was no activation requirement. They were truly unlocked, but we did pay a little more. Also, just so you don’t get caught off guard, the 64gb phone is an android one phone which means it wants to use all of the google services. We were disappointed that the Moto Drive Assist feature is not available on our phones and we really miss it. We previously had Moto X Pure phones which we loved, but the the batteries were giving out.

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@SuperT Super T - I read the GSM vs CDMA disclosure on BYOP page, and I understand that a BYOP phone would go to the GSM network - and it seems you are saying that is T-Mobile not Sprint. I have a Moto G3 currently on a $10/month plan - not sure if that is 1.0 or 2.0. We started with the BETA years ago, so I’m not sure what network we are on - I thought it was Sprint, which we are relatively happy with at this point. Anyway, my real question is, can you REALLY get a CDMA SIM to switch to the Sprint network if you are unhappy with the GSM. Will they really switch it?

I would just buy a Moto X4 from RW, but Motorola is selling them for $149 vs RW at $349…can’t really pay $200 extra, ya know?


@bjean - check They are also selling for $149 and actually list RW as a compatible carrier.


Yup, the process is documented here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help


yes also long as the Phone is compatible and can activate by Republic on the CDMA partner (Sprint) then Republic support can send out a CDMA SIM of the type that can be used on the phone in question (the Moto X4 is usable and can be activated on ether network partner)

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