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I need a new phone. In fact my wife and I both likely need new phones. Not sure if all my problems are MOTO X related or plan related. I have been on here a few times trying to correct my MOST Pressing problems. The worst of them is that when I get out of the Memphis area my phone beats itself to death and runs the battery down. This weekend it almost cost me dearly. The phone battery goes down in no time. I have tried every setting that has been reccommeneded here. Today the phone lost 50% charge in 2 hours and all I did was 6 or 8 texts. Battery Saver was on. I turned it off to save battery and when I reboot some time later I am down 3 percent. The afternoon before it lost all charge all of a sudden and powered down. The situation was not good to say the least.

So the phone I need has to have good battery life. It needs to be able to pick up a tower and not drop calls left and right.

By the way I have spoken to other MotoX users with similar problems. They had the Razor and loved it.

It sounds to me like your issue is probably lack of GSM coverage in the areas where your phone battery goes down quickly. About the only thing that you can do in that case is keep your eye on your phone, and if you see low cell signal strength, put your phone in Airplane Mode before the battery gets sucked down. This used to happen to me at home, since we have very little GSM cell signal here…My phone’s battery would go down much more quickly than it should have. Had to drop RW, and am now waiting for CDMA to arrive at RW smile.

So, before you get a new phone, I’d check to see if the drop in your battery happens in areas that have poor cell signal. That’s what I would guess.

Sounds like I just may need a new plan. But possible a new phone too as my phone goes down in the bad areas in under 3 hours with a full charge and very little or no use. Since the Moto x was designed to not have the battery changed by the user i dont think it will work for me.

Still need suggestions on a new phone

My phone goes down in the city with little use in 9 hours.

Thanks for your help. It verifies all the research I have done on the web in the past and also in the past day

@stevenw.43u4jz ,

My impression from your post is you and yours both have Legacy RW phones using the Sprint CDMA network. If this is the case there is no option to change plans unless upgrading to a 3.0 plan with a compatible phone. All the new phones and SIM cards are being sold as using RW’s GSM service and you would want to check out the various coverage maps available to compare current CDMA to the GSM.

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If interested in a nice lower cost phone that has an easily to replace by consumer battery check out the MOTO G4 Play.


The soft launch testing is with the CDMA Sprint 3.0. The phones are dual activating phones from the RW store but to get one you need to buy a phone and let the computer choose GSM or CDMA service for you. If the computer chose wrong you have 14 days to return it through a service ticket. Republic Help

A question to you, Do you think Tmobile service is good in your location or would Sprint be better?

If you choose Tmobile then any of the new 3.0 phones will work on GSM. If the choice is Sprint it isn’t so easy yet. Sprint 3.0 will only work on the Moto G4, G4 plus & G4 play, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Moto X Pure, the galaxy S7. There maybe more but I would have to research it more. Any compatible phone that is BYOD/BYOP will not work for CDMA because there are no sim cards compatible with BYOP/BYOD phones. Only phones sold in the RW store have a 50% shot or less being CDMA phones, it’s something funky with Sprint activations.

This thread is a longer one with 262 replies. Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

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If I have this info wrong Please by all means friends correct me and I will edit my post.

Thanks. Looks like the RW plans dont cover my out of town areas at all.

There were some promising plans on Clark Howard’s site.

Here’s a quote from some of my research. And this is recent.

"Don’t get Republic Wireless. I got it about 10 months ago and at first it seemed to work fine. I had SmartTalk before that and their service was through Verizon. I was tired of Verizon because it didn’t work inside my house. So I figured that Republic Wireless would be better since it would access my WiFi! But NOPE! For some reason it doesn’t work like that. Only if the server is available (which I take to mean that only if I have bars on my phone connecting to the cell tower!) will it work. I was constantly losing people AGAIN INSIDE my house. It would connect to my Wifi but it depended on the connection to the cell tower! That sucks! Also, whenever I was out, if there was wireless available it would try to connect up to it but then for some reason would switch back to a cell tower…then switch back to Wifi, back and forth. All that switching meant I lost a word or two from the person I was talking to! Sooooo Aggravating! So I am dumping Rep Wireless as soon as I can find another service! If I have to pay through the nose I guess I will have to. You get what you pay for! "


There is the option to have batteries replaced. CPR Store Locator - Find The Nearest Cell Phone Repair Shop

This company I highly recommend and have used. There is 2200 shops nationwide so pop in your Zip to the Locator and see where one is closest to you. Free quotes, usp services available for repairs.

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Hi @stevenw.43u4jz

I won’t re-quote from your post above for brevity sake, but it honestly sounds to me like the customer mentioned above just needed to tweak a few settings to get the hybrid phone(wifi/cell) to function properly.

I wish the above writer had come to the community for advice and/or attempted some troubleshooting, as that may have saved them some frustration.

I have found that when in metropolitan areas the battery life does well for me, however, there have been times when in rural areas with weak (Sprint) cellular service, the battery will drain much quicker as the phone tries to establish a solid connection even with zero bars.

Fortunately, the last time that happened, my phone connected to a nearby farms’ unprotected WiFi, and I was able to stream music and whatnot all day without concern for the battery…(the farm I was at had great wifi but the homeowners did not know their password ).

I had the same issue with my Moto X2 after the first year. The battery would drain very rapidly. I “solved” it for the second year by buying a Amazon power pack. At the end of the second year (last year) the phone died. Very disappointing that a flagship phone only lasted 2 years. Motorola would “service exchange” it for $150. I considered that but opted for a new phone.

I opted to purchase the new Moto Z play from republic at the end of last year. The Battery routinely lasts for 2 days on this phone, it is amazing to me. I assume that after a year it will degrade down to a day but that is fine.

If the Republic 3.0 plans work for you and you have good GSM coverage where you travel I recommend the Moto Z play.

If anyone is stressed out about battery life, I would recommend a portable charger.

I have been able to keep my old phone (Moto X 1st Gen) for a long time because on the few days where I can’t charge my phone at home, work, or in the car, I can just charge it with my portable charger.

  • Consider this one from for $15.99. EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank Brilliant External Battery Pack Portable Charger for iPhone Samsung HTC Smartphones Tablets - Black and Orange
    For example, we brought this portable charger on a trip to Disney World. My phone and my wife’s phone were losing batteries over the course of the day and there was no easy place to charge them but we just plugged them into this a few times while our phone were in our backpacks or pockets and they were still fully charged at the end of the day. It is the size of another phone and you just plug your USB connection into it.

  • The next size up is $29.99 but is more to carry around. EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh Power Bank (4A Dual-Input Fastest Charge 4.8A Smart Output) External Battery Pack Charger Portable Charger for Android iPhone Samsung HTC - Black and Orange
    This bigger one is the one we have and the reason I don’t recommend it is we have never even used 1/2 of the charge from it so I think I would prefer the slightly smaller one as far as weight and size.

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