Moto X Battery Drains Fast


I need to know if I should replace my battery or get a new phone or what?
We bought 2 Moto X in 2013. Mine drains to almost zero in 6 hours with little use.
and my wife’s lasts all day. Same phone.


5 years is old for a phone. While you could try to change the battery, it might be time for something new.


The difference can be due to mix of Apps, usage pattern and the variance in MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) … you battery may just hit the wall sooner
Couple of things you could do (if you didn’t already)


try calibrating the batt.

and here is a nice app…

and if @jben advice and calibrating the batt, and the app show there is no help. then given the age, yes a battery maybe the answer.
if your really happy with the phone and the only problem is batt., then go for the battery replace.

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