Moto X Bluetooth and WiFi radio not turning on?


I sent in a help request, but maybe you all can help me as well:

My WiFi and Bluetooth services will not turn on. I have been having this problem for about two weeks now, it actually started right before I updated my Moto X to KitKat. However, before, whenever this happened, where WiFi and bluetooth would stop working, and could not be turned on anymore, a reboot would fix the problem. Now that is no longer working. If I try to slide the wifi or bluetooth switch from off to on in the settings, it seems to try to do it for about 5 seconds, and then automatically switches back to off. I would really like a fix for this as obviously for Republic Wireless especially, not being able to access WiFi is particularly bad, and I also frequently use bluetooth devices.

Other things of note:
I am constantly getting the error message “Wi-Fi is turned off, without your help, I can’t see any Wi-Fi networks!” but if I try to turn on Wi-Fi from that menu nothing happens. Also when I reboot I get the message “Wi-Fi settings updated - Republic enabled the Wi-Fi radio” but neither the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are working when i get that message. I’d prefer to be able to fix this without a factory reset if possible, but would be happy with any fix.

Any thoughts on what could fix this?


Have you tried Placing Your Moto X into Safe Mode? This could help eliminate the possibility of one or more apps causing the problems. It allows you to boot up and operate normally without loading any of the apps you have downloaded. Try testing for a while that way, then just re-boot to go back to your current state

Ben ~ user since 2012 ~ not a Republic employee


Yeah, great thought. I did try that and it didn’t help at all unfortunately :-/


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