Moto X can't see wifi access points

My Moto X (2nd gen) is only listing ONE of the wifi access points available, while my Mac next to it is listing 20 of them. As a result, I cannot login to my own access point in my home, and my LTE signal is so bad I can’t even make calls. Never saw this before. Rebooted both phone and router/modem several times to same result.

Any clues what’s up?

You radio might be failing. Here are a few things to try before replacing the phone:

  1. Reboot in Safe Mode to see if that works. If it does, it’s an app causing the problem.

  2. Clear the cache. If that works then you will know what to do the next time this happens.

  3. Factory reset the phone. If the problem persists after doing this you have a bad radio.

Safe Mode

Clearing the Cache

Factory Reset

Be aware that if your WiFi radio has in fact failed you will not be able to get your phone working again after a factory reset since a WiFi connection is necessary.

Hi @afrizen,

On the phone, please navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > three-stacked-dots-at-top-left > Advanced, and make sure Wi-Fi frequency band is set to “Automatic.”

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