Moto X Charging port failure

I have a 2nd Gen Moto X which is about 2 years old. It’s doing fine except its very difficult to get a micro usb plug to stay in the charging port. I think the problem is entirely mechanical not electrical. The micro usb plugs that I use for my Moto X work just fine on other devices. It seems that the charging port has just worn out. Batteries + Bulbs says they can’t fix it … they recommend getting a new phone. Have other community members had this problem and found a good fix? This happened on my first Moto X. I’m not hard on phones … I don’t pamper them, either.


Ken Wanderer

Hi @kennethwanderer,

You might try the appropriate troubleshooting link for your Moto X2 referenced here: Troubleshooting Guide by Motorola. That said, if there is truly a mechanical problem with the charging port, replacement (of the port or the phone) is likely going to be necessary.

Motorola might offer a “repair” (typically they just swap the phone for a refurbished model of like kind). That conversation may be started here: Live Chat. You might also try these folks: CPR Cell Phone Repair.

Here’s a “trick” that might be worth trying: Charge your Android Again with this Micro-USB Fix | Tech Void

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