Moto X first Gen, won't update; time to replace?


I have 33 updates, including a Republic update pending, but phone won’t update, saying I need to uninstall some apps to make room. It’s been just a bit over three years. Is it time to replace?


Hi @marinad.eevybn!

Not necessarily. As long as the phone works well otherwise, I would recommend uninstalling apps that your don’t or rarely ever use. You could also reset the phone.



Hi @marinad.eevybn

Most likely, but not necessarily.

It is very hard for anyone reading this to envision which device you are wanting to retire. :grinning:

Give us some detail and we will be happy to assess your options.


It’s a Moto X, first gen.


The Moto X 1st. Gen was a great phone, but it is certainly showing it’s age.

As @mb2x suggested, there are some housekeeping/maintenance options that could easily help you along, but if performance is a consideration on your mobiile device(s) or a priority, then you probably want to start shopping/researching devices that meet those requirements.


btw, I always have 25-30 apps that want to update, I just don’t need the update, so I decline it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I looked at the Moto Z Play, and the Moto X Pure. I have apps for genealogy, general household management, KIndle app, fitness app, etc., along with the usual Google stuff, calendar, gmail.


Well, yes, I doubt I need the updates. Perhaps I’ll get rid of a few apps and keep it for a while. I do like the phone, but am not adverse to replacing it when needed.


Those are 3.0 phones and will require you to relinquish your 1.0/2.0 plan, if you are not aware.

It’s a give -and-take in my opinion. Feel free to discuss your options ,or inquire the community if other questions avail themselves.

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Thanks so much for the input. Yes, I’m aware I’ll lose the great plan I have now, but Republic plans are still wayyyy better than what I had with Verizon a few years ago! I don’t need to make a decision until my next research trip in winter.

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