MOTO X Freezing

I have a moto x first gen, today, my phone ran out of battery and turned off, I charged it, turned it on, and all of the apps updated. After that, the phone has not worked properly. Lags terribly, screen freezes completely where touching it does nothing, says emergency calls only, can’t text. I have turned it on and off 10 times where it seems to work for a few minutes then returns to lagging then freezing. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


Sounds like the dreaded Facebook update issue. The FIX is delete FB and the FB messenger apps, reboot the phone. Most people are now using FB by opening the Chrome browser and accessing FB saved in bookmarks/favorites. Thats what fixed my wife’s obsession with FB.

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I’ve had this happen on occasion with my 1st gen moto x. i’ve nuked the phone and restored from a backup which made things a little better. I ended up restoring again and started fresh. That solved my problem. I’ve also been FB free for over 2 yrs. I’m sure that has helped too!

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