Moto X gen 1 has me flummoxed

What phone do you have? Moto X gen 1

What plan are you on? 2.0

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

I started noticing a few weeks ago that my phone battery drained really really quickly. I figured I had a rogue app so I uninstalled the latest app I had used, did an app cache clear and then an Android cache clear. That seemed to have stopped that problem for now.
However, starting a couple of weeks ago, my phone has started randomly rebooting - for no apparent reason and not connected to any specific app. One morning it rebooted when I unplugged it off of the charger. Several times it has rebooted (or maybe shutdown - unable to determine if it will come back up again like it would in a reboot because I loose patience and end up hitting the power button) when I’m using the Anywhere Beta phone app. That was the case this morning when I was responding to a message. One night it rebooted a couple of times within 15 minutes of each other as I was checking for updates and using Norton Clean Up to clear app caches (which I do every day) and checking the Play store for updates. Then it was fine for about a week until it did it again. I had a weird message from Play telling me I had to update Play store (which I couldn’t find in Play store) - that message disappeared so I couldn’t follow through on it (as the phone was doing its rebooting thing).
I know my phone is 4 1/2 years old. This morning I once again did updates (PRL and Profile), cleaned caches etc so we’ll see what happens. I have Lollipop on the phone.
No new apps recently. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is safe mode. I’ve searched all over but can’t find anything relating to the phone randomly rebooting/shutting down.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

You’ve done just about all that would be suggested except a factory reset. That’s the next step. If it continues to reboot after that, then it probably has a fatal flaw.

Be sure to back up everything before attempting a factory reset.


Part of the Android error recovery code makes an attempt to crash an errant app before it can do damage … unfortunately this doesn’t always work and you need to take more drastic actions.

  • Boot up in Safe Mode for a period of time, this prevents all 3rd party apps from loading (except Republic’s on all Legacy devices)
    • If this results in stopping the problem, then begin by uninstalling Apps, usually by looking at Google Play, (installed Tab you can go by date installed/updated) and often it was an update that is causing the problem
      • If this does not result in a ‘fix’ … continue as the errant app may have damaged the base code
  • Perform a Factory Reset, following the provided instructions to preserve your ‘stuff’ and do not choose the ‘Restore Function’ … (this is to prevent loading the possible bad app)
    • Test functions, then begin the restore of your apps, etc (Google Play has a ‘Library’ tab with all the apps you have every loaded, to help you remember which ones you really want need. It is recommended that you do the restores in small chunks, incase you cause the problem and have to start over

Note to @granny48 … this is the long version for others, as I had a few extra cycles, it’s raining and I have to forgo my afternoon walk.


Thanks @jben… and @littletoucan.
I will go into Safe Mode and start trouble shooting from there, following your suggestions. I especially like the one about checking the update dates…
Wish me luck - and, do you live near me @jben?? Alberto seems to keep on giving - although he missed me by a large margin and the rain that we’re getting is intermittent and not copious in amount! My wish for you is that it clears and you can go for your walk!


Just thought I’d update you @jben.
I went into safe mode for 4 days or so and the phone behaved itself. Went back to regular and uninstalled updates for all things Google - almost… not the ones that are absolutely necessary but things like movies etc. About a week later, it rebooted. Looked at the last things that had updated and uninstalled some of the updates and an app or two.
Happened again - once a day for the last two days. If I don’t go pressing the power button, it will eventually start itself up again without going through optimizing all 91 apps on there.
I’m getting a gut feeling that it might have something to do with republic anywhere beta as the last two times it happened I was in the middle of trying to respond to a text. I’ve made messaging my default app for now - we’ll see what happens.
However, I’ve discovered I’m getting too old and ornery to fight with the phone (plus I’ve been fighting myself with the itch to get a new phone after 4 1/2 years) and ordered the X4 from Amazon today (couldn’t pass up $120 savings) and the SIM from republic. Bad timing as it was no longer on sale and no longer free delivery. Won’t be activating it until next week sometime.
I appreciate your help and suggestions. anywhere being the culprit is just a gut feeling - as it doesn’t always reboot when anywhere is open but seems to happen close to when I’ve used it a couple of times. Not looking forward to no longer having the rebate…

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