Moto X Gen.1 to Moto G5Plus Gen.5


As the title suggests, it’s time to replace my (Wife’s) elderly 1st generation Moto X with something newer.
Currently she’s on the $10 Cell calls and texts, no data plan. I understand that with a new phone (it’ll be a Moto G5 plus, bought from outside republic, but the correct model), she can’t use the same plan, but will have to go to the unlimited talk and text my choice plan. Another $5 a month, not a big deal.
My question is 'how do I migrate her?'
I have to buy the SIM pack for $5, do the physical transfer of data and contacts, but then I don’t see anywhere in the account to transfer the number from her old phone/sim to the new one?


Beware that her Moto X (1st Gen) is served by Sprint towers and if you buy the Moto G5Plus and SIM elsewhere it will be served by T-Mobile towers. You might want to check the coverage map before making this purchase. If you buy the phone from RW they will send it with a Sprint SIM if the Sprint coverage is better.

The transfer of stuff from the old phone to the new phone is quite straight-forward and takes place during the activation process.


It might help to enable any sync options in the Android > Personal > Accounts. Also, in Backup & Reset, enable Back up my data, Backup account and Automatic restore.


I’m on a T-Mobile MVNO, no issues there.

The transfer of data isn’t a big deal, I’m more interested in seeing how her number is ported from the old sim - is this handled during the activation process, or, as I’ve seen in the past, does someone from Republic have to sort it out?


The SIM in her Moto X (1st Gen) is unique to that phone and must stay with it even if the phone is sold or given away. The number transfer takes place during the activation process. She logs into her RW account and chooses to replace her present phone. The number transfer is almost instantaneous. Her number is NOT on her Moto X’s SIM.


Perfect, thank you, that’s what I needed to know. I’ll go ahead and order.

I’m a little curious as to why and how the SIM is unique, but solely from a technical perspective, irrelevant to this discussion.


The SIM in the Moto X (1st Gen) exists solely to access LTE data. The phone will actually continue to work without it but will only get 3G data speeds. I should add that LTE data is accessed using the Moto X’s GSM radio. That GSM radio is only used for data in RW’s hybrid version.


And as she doesn’t use data… :wink:

Incidentally, T-Mobile coverage map shows them to be better where we are than Sprint.
Empirically that’s also the case, I get better coverage with T-Mobile than she does.

Thank you for your answers. Someone please feel free to flag this as solved.


Changing Phones by Swapping SIMs is a GSM feature and all Leagcy phones are CDMA which only use SIMs for LTE Access
CDMA link the phone to the network and your account and the SIM to the Phone, where GSM link the SIM to the Network/account


Well that was shockingly easy. “Will be complete in under an hour” - probably five minutes or so. Certainly easier than expected.


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