Moto X Gen 2 back to Defy XT question



We have a Republic Wireless on a Moto X Gen 2. The screen shattered. We have a retired Republic Wireless Motoroloa Defy Xt. Can we deactivate the Moto X Gen 2 and activate the same plan and account on the old Defy Xt? The Moto X Gen2 is running the Republic Wireless 1.0 plan 3G wth 5gb data for $25.

If this is possible can you explain how?

We are not sure if we will do this.

Many thanks for replies.


Hi @tepper!

Unfortunately, the Defy XT can no longer be activated. Republic ended re-activations a while back.




Thank you for your reply. So, the answer then, is a definitive no. Agreed?

And there is no way to preserve the 1.0 plan on any future purchased Republic wireless purchased phone?


I’s been almost a year since Republic lost the ability to activate/reactivate a Defy phone, this was lost after a server upgrade that enabled 3.0 activates (the 2 system where not compatible)


Hi @tepper!

I sent you a DM (a message to your forums account) so you may want to check your notifications ;).



only by getting a used Republic Custom ROM Legacy phone
Moto X 1st
Moto X 2nd
Moto G 1st
Moto G 3rd
Moto E 1st
Moto E 2nd


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