Moto x gen 2 battery problem

no not that…

Hi @tinat.kqhxrr,

Instead of quoting old posts which may be similar to your situation, but have some subtle differences, please tell us about what you are experiencing.

im having a battey problem when i use my charger it says that its charging when it’s really not i tried everything and nothing works

It’s an older phone with a battery that had an expected lifespan of about 2 years.

Could you tell us specifically what you have tried? This will help the Community think through whether there are other possible troubleshooting steps you could take.

i tried wiggling the charger and also putting it in many times i tried different chargers nothing works i also tried different outlets! When id charge my phone the charging thing shows up for 3 seconds then turns off it dosen’t show the percentage

and i tried the recovery thing

It is starting to sound like either the charging port is not working, or the battery is failing.

Do you have another device you could try charging with the charger, to be sure the charger works?

Could you try cleaning out the charging port with a can of compressed air? (I know, that may not be something you have handy.)

i mean i did try my computer and it still did not work

i also have compressed air but i’m travailing

it started to not work like 2-3 days ago

When you tried charging from your computer, were you using the same cable that goes with the original charger?

If yes, it’s possible the cable is faulty.
If not, it’s possible the cable you’re using at the computer is a data cable, designed just to sync data and not charge.

Traveling definitely complicates things. Is there someone you could try borrowing a charger from? If you’re staying at a hotel, sometimes they will let you use one from their lost & found.

yes i was using the original charger

Hi @tinat.kqhxrr

Pardon my jumping in while @southpaw is working with you. I just wanted to give you a link so you can get a copy of Republic Anywhere for your PC or Mac. It will allow you access to your texts.


If at all possible, you definitely want to try a completely different charger and a cable that’s certain to be a charging cable.

oh okay thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

The connection of the charging port are sometimes soldered to the main mother board of the phone. These connections are under a lot of excess pressure as we insert/remove the charging cables, and are the weakest link in the charging system. It sounds to me that this could be the problem, it can be removed and replaced with a new connection, but it takes a bit of soldering skill and patience. I would search on iFixit, they usually have excellent tear down/fix up procedures. But as pointed out by @southpaw, the battery may be end of life.

ETA: After reading the iFixit, it appears this a cabled unit (not soldered) but could still be the source of the problem
iFixit Guide Moto X 2nd Gen

oh okay thank you!!

If you think your connector may be clogged with crud, try to find a phone repair shop. iRepair in Meridian, Idaho cleaned up my old iPhone socket and didn’t charge for it.

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