Moto X green light/not charging



Hello! I’ve had issues charging my Moto X for probably 6 months now. Sometimes it won’t charge using any wall charger and will only charge when plugged in to my computer. Other times it won’t charge plugged in to my computer. Now, I have it plugged in to the wall and a green light is on the top- it won’t start up though. It’s been probably 1 1/2 hours. Any suggestions?


When it comes to charging problems, the most common causes are:

  1. A bad cable. This is the most likely cause. The shortest, heaviest cable will deliver the best results. The wires tend to break inside the insulation, especially if the phone is used while charging.
  2. A bad charger. You mentioned trying several.
  3. A switch-controlled outlet that is switched off.
  4. Pocket lint in the charging port.
  5. A failing phone or charger.


When the Green light is lite it means that the battery does not have enough charge to power up the screen and that it senses the charger
It’s most likely a failed battery as the Moto X 1st is an aging phone (released in 2013 so 3 to 4 years old ) (and the Moto X 2nd Gen would be 2 to 3 years old) the expected life of a battery is 2-3 years with normal charging


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