Moto X lost contacts


My Moto X phone, which is about 5 months old, has recently started losing my contact list. This happens even when I manually enter a contact, and then don’t restart the phone – the contacts don’t “stick”. Please help.


If you use Google contacts you can login to and make sure that your contacts are there.

and then re-sync them to your phone.

If you use Outlook, you might be better off using the Outlook app to sync your contacts.


Almost 100% of customers whose contacts disappear are using a Microsoft based email like MSN, hotmail or outlook and not using the suggested Outlook app. If you are using a Microsoft email like hotmail and are not using Outlook app, then you might want to make a change.


Thanks seanr, I am using the Outlook app. All of the Outlook contacts are still there, but they keep disappearing from my phone and messaging.

Thanks also amitl, but I can’t see how to sync my contact from Outlook to my phone and messaging. Any tips on doing this?


In your Contacts app, Go to

Settings -> Account -> Add account -> Exchange

and add your outlook account here.