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Problem: phone is turning itself off during nightly charge. Why is this happening?----------

Issue Description

Given the age of the phone it is likely that the battery is failing. When this happens the battery doesn’t properly take a charge causing it to heat up when charging then causing the phone’s charging circuit to shut off the phone to protect it from the excessive heat.

The Moto X1 is well past the average survival age of lithium ion batteries so this wouldn’t be at all surprising. You may be able to find someone to replace that battery although any new battery is likely to be “new old” stock as I don’t believe they’ve been produced in several years. (And there’s a real question as to whether the cost would be worth it as the repair cost is likely several times what the phone is currently worth).

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What do you suggest as a replacement? I like the size of the Moto X and do not want a lot of apps. Better camera would be nice…

Unfortunately the size of phones has increased pretty steadily since the release of the Moto X1 and it is very hard to find something in that size range.

You can find the sizes of all the supported phones here: Detailed Supported Phone Features

Of the currently available phones the Moto G7 Play and Moto E6 are going to be the smallest, I believe…

Also, just to be sure you’re aware, any new phone will require the My Choice plan. You won’t be able to keep the Refund Plan.

Thanks for your help!!!

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