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I need to switch back from the refund plan to the old plan today and I can’t see how to do it in the Republic app - help!



Hi @judithp.a9vhdm,

If by old plan, you mean a return to a grandfathered 1.0 plan, there is no self-help way to do so. Republic staff would be able to make the switch back for you as a one-time courtesy. Should you move to the refund plans again in the future; it would be a one-way trip. Details here:

You may raise the needed help ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Submit a request – Republic Help.

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Thank you I am all set now. I had no idea that I could actually chat with Republic. This is a huge improvement in customer service which I very much appreciate.



You’re most welcome!

Indeed one can live chat with Republic staff. For others reading, who may find it of interest here are all the ways to contact Republic support:


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