Moto X Play mp3 files not showing up


I have a Moto X Play and I’m trying to transfer mp3 files from an external hard drive (or google drive, I tried both) to my phone, via chromebook. I can get the folder to show up, but it’s empty and gives me an error that says the file or file type is not supported, but i know it’s the correct one. All I want to do is listen to my music on my phone. I’ve been searching and trying stuff for hours, with no luck, not sure what else to do but getting really annoyed. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


I use the Doubletwist app to move music from my PC to my phone. It comes in two parts, one for the PC, one for the phone.

doubleTwist Music Player, Sync - Android Apps on Google Play


Thanks, I’ll try that, though I’m wondering if my card is just bad.


Let us know if it takes care of the problem.


Looks like the problem was a combination of a bad card, and that I was trying to use a Chromebook. When I put in a new card, I could move stuff on and off, but the music files still weren’t showing up. When I used a windows computer, I was able to move them and have them show up.

Thanks for the help