Moto X Play - Trying to transfer music files

I have a Moto X play with an extra SD card, which I formatted as internal storage. Apparently this is a mistake, since now I can’t seem to find it anywhere, the storage size is the same as without it. Anyway, that’s not my main problem, I have a lot of music, and I can’t seem to transfer it and still have it show up. I tried transferring via USB/MTP, but when I copy and paste, it’s blank. I tried AirDroid, also didn’t show up, tried a couple other wifi programs, ES file explorer, google play music (I don’t want to pay to use my own music). Is it not possible to do this? i guess I should have looked into this first, but I assumed it wouldn’t be a problem, and now I’m regretting getting this phone since this was a reason I got it.

I’ve searched extensively online and in this forum, and see others that used to have this problem, but no solution that works for me. Anyone have any ideas?

You should be able to connect over USB in MTP mode

and then place your files in the following folder

\Internal Storage\Music

For playing the music you can use select Google Play Music from you apps

and then click on “Listen Now”

Your new music should show up in the Recent Activity list.

Let us know if that doesn’t work for you.

When you connect the phone over USB, it does connect in USB charging mode.

To be able to browse the directories, you need to click on “USB Charging” in the notifications

and change it to Use USB for “Transfer files (MTP)”

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