Moto X Pure 32G for $269

Just a heads-up in case anyone is doing some Cyber Monday shopping, B&H has the Moto X Pure with 32G storage for $269. Earlier today all three colors (black, white, and white with bamboo back) were selling for $269. As if right now the black one is back up to $349 but the other two are still at $269. I placed an order for one with the bamboo back. Now just have to wait patiently for those RW 3.0 Sprint SIMs.

Shipping is free. They’re even throwing in a “picture taking kit,” the highlight of which would probably be the 32G microSD card. No affiliation, yadda, yadda.

B&H Photo Video

there only one model of the Moto X Pure (the international version is called the Moto Style not Pure) so this will work with Republic 3.0

I got my black 64GB Pure yesterday from B&H. We have another one coming today for my wife (white/bamboo)…too bad you missed the Black Friday deal…they were $269 for the 64GB, but that is still solid for the 32GB as well. I noticed you said “Sprint” SIM cards…if you are doing RW 3.0 - you are not getting Sprint.

We will be soon. They are testing RW 3.0 on Sprint. In the meantime, I’m just going to make sure the phone works for everything else. Until the RW 3.0 on Sprint SIMs are formally launched, I’ll still be using my first gen Moto X as a phone.

The reason I got the phone now even though there is no Sprint RW 3.0 coverage yet is because I am in the market for a new phone and I couldn’t find another one I liked at a decent price that would (eventually) support Sprint.

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