Moto X Pure activation


If I buy a RW moto x pure on eBay could I get RW to activate on CDMA? I know that buying the phone from RW their system would choose the network for me. I would love CDMA activation vs a GSM


We can only do CDMA from our store. BYOD is only GSM at this time. CDMA is harder to activate, so we warm the SIM to the phone before we ship.


I live in an area where CDMA and GSM works, but I learned from experience that CDMA works better in buildings, is there a way for me to buy a phone from RW and get it CDMA.




When you order from our online store, our system analyzes your coverage in the last Zip code you provide in the coverage checker and sends a phone outfitted for either CDMA or GSM based on that analysis.

Some of our phones are capable of supporting only GSM SIM cards. If you buy one of those, we cannot provide CDMA coverage. So be sure you select a phone that is capable of CDMA coverage. If you’re not sure, ask here before you submit your order. (I’d rather not list them, as the list will change over time, leaving a stale list here for future readers.)

If you determine while using the phone that we’ve missed the mark, just open a support ticket and we’ll work with you to ensure we are providing the best coverage we can provide for your situation.


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