Moto X Pure, alternate OS


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Moto X Pure

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Talk and text plus 1 GB of data

Issue Description

Hello, I changed my OS on Moto X Pure to Lineage with micro g. Worked fine for about a month, then I went back and wiped my phone again and reinstalled the new OS. Republic Wireless app won’t let me sign in now, says device isn’t compatible. Not sure what’s different now or how to fix it. Advice appreciated.

I still get calls, but the # that originally showed on the phone shows up if I call (rather then the number I carried over from my old phone), and texts aren’t working either




Republic does not support usage with alternate OSes. Doing so is at your own risk, and depending on whether it operates properly with the Republic App, may actually violate the Terms of Service. I’m afraid that the answer is to go back to the stock OS as that’s the only authorized way to use the phone with Republic’s service.


Changing operating systems
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