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I received a coupon from Republic Wireless to get a discount on a new phone today. I would like to purchase the moto x pure, but it is out of stock. The coupon expires on July 17th. Does anyone know if the moto x pure will be back in stock by then? Does anyone know if I can get a rain check for the coupon because the phone I want is out of stock? Who should I ask?


Hi @ryanl.3w5unw,

I’m afraid the Moto X Pure is no longer manufactured and is permanently out of stock at Republic’s store. To use the coupon from Republic, you’ll need to make a different phone choice.


I made a purchase today using the link in the email for the $100 off of phone purchase. The fine print said the discount would show up once the billing information is filled out. When I Checked Out the purchase went thru (apparently using the credit card on file since it didn’t ask me for payment preferences) and it did not show the $100 discount (on a Moto Z Play) when I received the confirmation email. I did submit a help ticket.

I assume there is a glich in the ordering system.


during checkout you would need to edit step 5 by clicking the pencil icon


I don’t believe it’s always been the case, however, Republic recently documented this here:


this would be easy to find for people not following all help document (which really should not needed to just order with a coupon code) if they made each step a ok check rather than jump to the confirm order step


I’m not arguing the website design point, merely pointing to the available resources. :slight_smile: I’m confident Republic’s designers appreciate any feedback that will potentially reduce pain points.


Hi @fuzzmanks,

While @drm186 and I have been opining about how one who hasn’t already checked out should enter a coupon code, it occurs to me you’ve already checked out. I’m certain Republic wants you to have the offered discount, so if not already done, please reach out and contact Republic via help ticket.


He already has a ticket


The need to edit Step 5 is not illustrated in the recent document. Too much reading required for that may even look.

Very poor placement of Enter redemption code and way too easy to miss.

Many vendors allow code entry on cart page. If RW cant chage page location there should be a separate step prior to Payment Options.

Ordering is more complicated than the 2.0 plans were.


Just as an update, I have been told I have been issued a credit for the $100 for my Moto Z Play. I hope I didn’t hijack the OP thread!


Not at all @fuzzmanks, this is great feedback.


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