Moto X Pure CDMA Nougat update failing


Hi Everyone. Twice now, my Moto X Pure CDMA phone has attempted to update to Nougat, but failed. The process so far has been:

  • System asks to download the update, I say WiFi only.
  • System downloads update and asks if I’m ready, I say yes.
  • System reboots and shows the Motorola logo with a white screen for probably 30 minutes
  • Eventually the screen goes black but does not turn off (I can see the backlight on and it stays pretty hot)

The first time this happened i force rebooted by holding down the power button for a long time. When it booted back up it showed a dead android robot with a warning icon coming out of his stomach. Eventually it booted back up and was working normally. Today, the 2nd time I received the update, it got to the black screen and has been like that for a few hours now. I haven’t force rebooted yet because I’d still like it to complete, but I don’t know what to do.

Any suggestions, community?




If this happened to me I would perform the more thorough external factory reset at the link below. The update should be offered to you after the reset. If this doesn’t work your phone may have an internal failure:,6720,9541


I always factory reset before I do a major OS version upgrade. It’s not required but I’ve had a lot less issues that way.

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