Moto X Pure Cellular Network State


On a Moto X Pure phone, under SIM Status, what does it mean for the Cellular network state to be “Disconnected”?


While connected to an active WiFi connection sometimes you can see that.
If you disable WiFi…it should go back to Connected…if you are not seeing that happen then it may warrant more debugging.


Checked my Moto X Pure and Settings/About Phone/Status/SIM Status also shows Cellular network state also = ‘Disconnected’ and it is working fine ,
ETA: And thanks to the above info from @amitl I have verified that turning off the WiFi does indeed result in Cellular network state changes to 'Connected’
Another successful day … I learned a new trick (us old dogs need those once in awhile :slight_smile:

ETA nr2: My guess, this truly depicts the Cellular network state, as while connected via VoIP to RW’s servers it is truly not connected to the classic ‘Cellular network’ but to the RW servers that control the routing of our calls

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