Moto X Pure Charger Port Issues

Hi There,
I have had many difficulties with charging this phone. At first, my husband took it to a repair place and they changed the charger port. It failed again in less that 60 days and so they honored a warranty and replaced the port again warning me that they could not do it again. I am frustrated because it seems to be a connection issue with the charger cords. At this point I pray every day that my cord, the only one I can seem to get it to work with, despite the others I have bought, is working, but precariously tempermental. I am considering upgrading to a Samsung, but am wondering if it is worth the extra amount (Also wondering if it’s worth waiting for the Samsung S10…). Republic’s offerings are meager as far as choices for a better phone, so I am wondering what thoughts the community has. I work as a Zumba instructor need more memory to run my app and save my music. Currently I am using an Ipad but have almost used up my memory with my music. I was also thinking that it would be great to have a phone that I can use to type documents and save to google and I can just retire my old laptop…TIA

There are plenty of phones to chose from that are supported on Republic. Not just the ones that they sell in their online store.
See here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

I would recommend a phone with USB C connector port, instead of the older and more fragile Micro USB.

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