Moto X Pure charging connection intermittent

My husband and I both bought the Moto X Pure phones Oct. 2016 and the charging connection worked fine until 2 weeks ago. No matter which cable is used, you have to wiggle the plug “just right” until you see its charging, then if bumped it will quit charging. This is happening on both phones and they are only 4 months old. It’s so frustrating, how can this be fixed?

I would try contacting Motorola for troubleshooting and repair options. You can work your way through the troubleshooter and get to a contact at Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc. Alternately, you can just give them a call:

For Mobile Phones, Moto Mods and Moto360:
Call: 1-800-734-5870
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I am of no help, but will tell you I have had the same issue since nearly the beginning. You can contact Moto Repairs, and they’ll have you send your phone in. Mind you, when they send your phone back, they won’t tell you what they did with it. They told me mine required “extensive repairs”, however my phone still had charging issues from the very first time I plugged it in after getting it back. I found your question while searching for posts pertaining to Moto X Pure charging, and am currently in the process of contacting repairs to see exactly what they did to my phone the first time around, and what they can do about it still not working. It is a process, and I’m pretty much over it! The charging ports are SUPER sensitive or something, because my issue is just like yours. I often have to wrap the cord around my phone, and that’s the only way it’ll charge. I’ve gone through MULTIPLE chargers in about five months time. If you read reviews, this is actually pretty common with this phone. Anyway, just want you to know you’re not alone. Hope it’s easier to find a solution for you than it has been for me! Good luck!

Hi @kaylenec.ea4hnw ,

Have you been able to try a different charger? We often see cases like yours where the problem is the charger rather than than the phone.

I’ve had this phone since the day they were released. My daughter bought one too. In the last 2 weeks both of our phones have started doing this. The original charger that came with the phone worked perfectly until 2 weeks ago.

I have a Belkin dock at work that still works just fine to charge the phone and I have a charger in my car that also works. I ordered a new belkin dock and a new Quick charge plug and the new identical dock will not charge the phone. I plug the phone into the old dock and it charges. There’s no reason it won’t work! I also ordered a new cable with the dock and it won’t work either. I cleaned my charging port on my phone and also have restarted the phone several times.

I did have a Google security update install on the phone a couple weeks ago but I can’t imagine why it would only recognize random charging cables. Makes no sense.

Thank you for all your replies. I called Motorola support and they want me to send my phone in for repair, but I’ve been reluctant since it’s only 4 months old and I won’t get mine back, but a refurbished one with maybe the same or different issues and possibly a much older phone. I also find it interesting that mine and my husband’s phone started having this issue at the same time. Many of you mentioned the charger and I found that with one particular charger I’m finding that when I plug it in I’ll get the lighting bolt and it’s charging, but when the display goes black and I password back in, the lighting bolt is gone like it’s not charging. I wrote down the time and %battery and rechecked the %battery every 30 min or so to see if the battery was charging even though the lighting bolt was not displayed, and sure enough my phone was charging. I’ve only tested this on one charger, so it still may be a charger issue but I’m also thinking it’s a software issue that got pushed to us and there is a glitch.

Update: I decided to return my charger for a new one instead of returning my phone. I got the new charger quickly and it works better than the old; however, in the case of both my husband and i we are having an icon/software issue as well. When the phone is charging the lighting bolt appears and disappears leading us to believe it isn’t charging when it really is. I’m thinking that by returning my phone for a refurbished one wouldn’t fix this issue, but could be fixed by a software update/push.

Same problem with my phone since the last few months. I see online that is quite common with the model. I just called their customer service and was on with the phone for an hour – they offered 2 options – (1) return and replacement -free, or (2) advanced replacement- where they’d replace with a phone and then i return my phone. This costs $20.

I am planning to go with the return and replace. I still have my old MotoX from Republic. I was wondering if I can transfer my number to that phone and activate it while I am waiting for the replacement to arrive. I am currently on the 1GB plan, but would have to change to the older kind of plan with the older phone. Please help!

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Hi @sambition,

In normal circumstances, activating the Moto X to replace your X Pure is a fairly straightforward experience. Using the old Moto X, you sign into the same Republic Wireless account that is used for the X Pure, and select the option to move the number on the X Pure to the old Moto X.

Currently, however, we are experiencing a technical issue preventing activations of our older phones. (See Republic Wireless Status) and until that issue is resolved, you will not be able to activate the old Moto X.

Once the issue is resolved, the instructions are here:

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