Moto X Pure eats up data



Just got my moto x pure phone a month ago. I use the phone almost all the time on Wi Fi and have only made a couple of calls on cell. I have gone through almost a gig of data and dont know what is using it since I am on Wi Fi most of the time! The phone also has very short battery life and sometimes runs hot quite often, don’t know why. Otherwise I love the phone, just don’t know why it is using data while on WiFi


Hi @lesbal!

Since the phone is running hot, consuming data, and the battery is draining relatively quickly, something must be running in the background. If you go into settings and then go to “Data Usage,” you should be able to see what is eating up your data. Maybe you could post a screenshot of it? Thanks!



Your republic wireless app can display the data usage as a daily bar graph with percentage contributions by

individual apps. To access this information click on the Cell Data tab…and then click on the up arrow in the bottom

right corner. You can click and drag the black data range markers to change the start and stop date range.

The total data consumed during the selected range is displayed in the top right…and the individual app usage out of that

total is displayed as a percentage as a sorted list.

Here you can figure out which apps are using your cellular data and on what days.

Another setting to be mindful of is


Settings -> WiFi -> (three vertical dots)->Advanced

Make sure that “Keep WiFi on during sleep” is set to “Always”


Thanks for the info, it appears that photos are using the biggest share of my data, why I do not know. My dyce game is next in line for high usage. I use this phone 95% on WiFi I just don’t understand how it can be using so much data


For photos, ensure that they back up and sync only on Wi-Fi if that is your desire. Open the Photos app, under the menu select Settings > Back up & sync and scroll down to Cellular data backup. Ensure that photos and videos are in the off position.