Moto x pure Ed. sd card accessible via computer

When I insert sd card, don’t get option for internal/external drive. Also can’t see anything on the drive when plugged into computer via usb. Tried to take card out to format and insert as a new card, as I originally put it in with files, music on it, and the drawer broke, now w/o phone. Want to avoid taking card out again. Want to be able to just see phone on computer as a drive like moto g3. Files are seen on phone.

The default connection mode for the Moto X Pure ( and all other devices running Android Marshmallow or higher) is USB for charging.

  1. Connect your phone to the computer via USB cable
  2. On your phone…slide down the notification shade
  3. Tap on “USB for Charging” and change that to “USB for MTP”

Now you should be able to browse the SD card folders (as well as the phone’s open internal folders such as DCIM etc) via USB.

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Don’t see that option under notifications

Just fired up my now dormant X4 and see the following when walking through @amitl’s instructions

When I tap the Android System Notification I then see this


I see thanks, only visible on plugging in


This is not a set it and forget it option.
You have to do this each time you connect to the computer.
It is intended as a security feature.


Here is Republic Help doc on the subject

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