Moto x pure edition a good move?

I am thinking on upgrading my original DEFY phone to the Moto x pure edition. Is that a good move or should I go with some other options? What are the negatives/positives or the Moto x pure edition? Thank you.

The Moto X pure is a good phone from all the specs, I’m actually looking at the Moto Z play edition since it is slightly newer and has some higher features. Truthfully if you are tired of your Defy any phone you look at are good you just have to decide which one you’d rather have. The main thing I would say is 32GB or above though when looking at phones but that might just be me.

@jorger.3rqxew ,

I’ve had my X Pure for about three months. It’s a fine phone at a good price since it’s not the latest/greatest option. If not in a hurry you may want to keep your eye out for sales. They’ve recently been below $250/16GB and $270/GB at several vendors. As you may know RW 3.0 plans are advertised as being GSM and your coverage may be different.

Hi @jorger.3rqxew

The Defy XT was a great phone in my opinion…(my first smartphone), on a great plan. Be aware that once the Defy is deactivated it cannot be reactivated.

Honestly, I would think any of the new phones will be a huge upgrade compared to the Defy. Depending on your area, you very well could be placed on the GSM network as opposed to the Sprint network. (I infer maybe as there is currently a soft-launch of 3.0 CDMA(Sprint).

Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs

However, there are many options these days and I think you should take some time and consider those options. For example, on the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund you could feasibly cut your Defy bill in half, depending on your data usage and if being on the Sprint network is a factor.

Great feedback from @alleriodrone and @williamo.vkbg0s as well.

Good Luck.

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