Moto X Pure Edition Availability Update



As of Tuesday, May 16, 2017, The Moto X Pure Edition in Black is no longer available in our online store. The white version is still available, while supplies last. Once we sell out of the white version, we will no longer offer this phone in our online store, however we’ll continue to support it through our BYOP program.

To see a list of all of our currently supported phones, please see Republic Wireless Phones.

Moto X Pure gone?

What phone is RW going to replace this with? Todd V.


Hi @tuddy!

Republic doesn’t comment on which phones are in the works. Stay tuned to the community for future phone announcements!


Why are you discontinuing the X pure? It’s a great phone!


That’s not a Republic decision. Motorola doesn’t make them anymore.


If it means anything to anyone, Motorola / Lenovo will be updating the phone lines as they do every year.
Full speculation mode, based on rumors, leaks, inside sources, there will be the next in line, the Moto X 2017 (Moto X4)

Watch out for news from Lenovo / Motorola and then Republic Wireless afterwords for updates and new phone news.


White one apparently gone as well


Hi @paulg.8ykpfp,

I think the “out of stock” on the white may be temporary. I’ll confirm that and let you know.


It’s NOT a great phone. I’ve had mine for 18 months and I loathe it. Makes perfect sense to me that they’re discontinuing it. It stinks. I miss my LG G2.


They’re discontinuing it, like all companies do, for the new model. Does LG still make your G2? My experience with the Pure was that it was one of the best phones I’ve ever owned.


No, the G2 is gone, but I made the switch to RW and went with the Pure. I love RW, but the Pure was the wrong choice for my needs. Maybe you all think it’s great, and that’s wonderful, but compared to LG, I’m unsatisfied. I would list out what I don’t like about the Pure, but it would take a long, long time and be tl;dr. I’m just glad it’s being discontinued.


If it wasn’t discontinued, were they going to force you to buy more of them? I don’t get the, I don’t like something so I’m glad no one else can get it either attitude.


Well, it saves others from the heartache the phone causes. Online reviews aren’t favorable, if you can look past people who review the phone after having it for a very short time (e.g., still in the “honeymoon” period). So that’s why - I wouldn’t want other nice people to make a $350 mistake like I did. Unless of course they like it, as you do. Then by all means, enjoy the Pure! But if someone were to ask my recommendation, I’d recommend they steer clear.


There was the option of buying a different phone. I personally wouldn’t use something I loathed. Doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure that out .


Yeah, that’s why I’m miffed by it. On paper, it is a great phone. I liked what I read about its specs, and what I saw when I demoed it. After a few months though, turned sour. I wish I was like you, going through life never once experiencing buyer’s remorse. Thanks for the reply.


I think everyone has different preferences for an unlimited number of reasons. I am actually in the “best phone I ever had camp”, but would agree it can chew through the battery with it’s huge screen. Not really an issue for me thought.

Kind of curious about what are some of the things you dislike about the MXP @davidw.f9xnkf?, if you feel like sharing.


I’ll leave it here, but there are TONS of VERY positive reviews:

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Ohh I have had buyers remorse. Like buying special Xmas beer and didn’t like it & gave it away. Gasoline that runs through my truck like I pumped it directly on the ground. Cookies that tasted like cardboard.
I can’t help you with your loathed phone but Lenovorola will be releasing 2 or 3 new phones with multiple variants of them too plus or XL or whatever they are pushing down the pike. Samsungs are nice so don’t gripe about a discontinued phone by lenovorola. Buy something else and move on.


Hi @paulg.8ykpfp,

I have received confirmation that the “out of stock” indicator on the white Moto X Pure is a temporary situation. It will be available again briefly and then when that supply runs out, it will be permanently gone. Based on current sales, I would expect it to sell out completely in 2-3 weeks, but I’m not an expert in the forecasting game.


Re: switching to something else. Much easier said than done. I don’t toss around $300 - $500 for a phone that easily. It’s a lot of money, so I like to get at least two years out of it before I switch. The Pure will get my two year commitment, but after that, I’m excited to see what they have to offer. It’s a functional phone, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like it can’t do things it should. I just don’t like it.

Thanks for doing all the research online with those reviews. I wish there were that many reviews when I got the phone when it was released.