Moto X Pure Edition Availability Update



RW phones usually have a good resale value for the hybrids but the 3.0 phones hold value as well.
I don’t throw cash around either but I know to sell something to recoup costs of the new.


It took me awhile to get used to my Moto X. But to me it was simple to
operate compared to my iPhone 6. I’ll keep it for another yr then trade up.


Can someone confirm if the Pure has already gone on sale and sold out again since the last post 17 days ago? I have heard that purchasing elsewhere and using BYOP through Republic has been problematic and would like to avoid this. Thanks for any updates.


@kristyb -

The Moto X Pure black is completely sold out and will not be restocked.

There are limited quantities of the white Moto X Pure, and those will likely sell out over the next few days. It will not be restocked.


The only “problematic” situation for BYOP is the potential that our BYOP SIM card cannot provide the coverage you need. if that’s the case, open a ticket and we’ll evaluate whether a different SIM card would improve your coverage, and if so, we’ll send one at our expense.


no, sorry. You don’t get to say you loathe it without details.

It’s a great phone and the feature seeming unique to the Moto x Pure is the front facing stereo speakers. Nice and loud.


I can testify to this. RW handled my BYOP SIM card coverage issue fantastically! I have no hesitation in recommending this program. And BTW @southpaw is a tribute to RW!


We dragged our feet a little too long, and will now have to buy a second hand Moto X Pure. Assuming I can find one that is RW Sprint specific, can RW activate it in place of our Moto G3?


Yes; the Moto X Pure (model XT1575) can be activated as a replacement for your Moto G3.

The phone doesn’t need to be specific to Republic (in fact, there aren’t any specific to Republic!); just a factory North America unlocked phone. .


@andreas is, of course, correct, however there is no way to directly activate a bring your own Moto X Pure on Sprint, no matter how acquired. You’ll need to first activate using a GSM BYOP SIM, then ask Republic via support ticket about moving it to Sprint.


Thanks for the quick responses.

So that I understand correctly… I can get a Moto X Pure XT1575 and get a GSM BYOP SIM to activate it. When I do so, will RW replace the GSM SIM with a Sprint/CDMA SIM? Or will I have dual network capabilities with the GSM SIM?



There are no dual network capabilities with Republic. Republic will replace the SIM with a CDMA SIM AFTER you’ve activated the GSM SIM.


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I bought a republic sim card for my BYOP.


Hi @jackh.uh826y,

Please let us know if you have any problems with it.


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So, I just purchased a used XT1575 that should be here early next week. I am thinking of activating it with a temp number, and then transferring to my Wife’s number. What would be my next step? Do I submit a ticket or shop for a SIM? I am assuming I would buy a GSM SIM and then trade that in for a CDMA SIM. Is that correct? We live in SE NC, and I believe Sprint is the best the signal, unless their is a US Cellular partnership now. They have the best in this area, but I don’t like what they have to offer.



Hi @gap,

You’ll need to acquire a BYOP SIM which will provision the phone for cellular coverage with Republic’s GSM partner. I appreciate you have every reason to believe that coverage will be inadequate, however, it’s not possible for Republic support to move the phone to CDMA without it being activated on GSM first. If, as is likely, GSM coverage proves inadequate, you’d then raise the help ticket requesting improvement of the coverage experience.

Presuming your wife’s number is currently on another Republic phone and you choose to activate the Moto X Pure with a new number as a trial, you’ll need to temporarily deactivate the Moto X Pure to transfer your wife’s number or ask Republic staff to swap the numbers, then deactivate your wife’s current phone.


No US Cellular partnership.

There is no way to go straight to Sprint on a BYOP. You’ll need to buy a SIM. You can purchase a BYOP SIM from either here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless or here:


Thanks for the links. Order placed. Now to just wait for the phone and SIM to get here. :grinning: