Moto x pure edition battery fail

battery life on my moto xpe has never been good but now…
(today started at 85% and didn’t last through breakfast, about 35min on wifi reading my news feeds)
my phone shuts down with ~34% life showing and won’t boot back up until i connect a charger!!!
anyone else having this issue? im sure there is no fix but just curious to see?
thnx in advance for the replies!

Motorola has some tips on how to extend battery life for Moto Pure:,6720,9541

With the exception of turning off WiFi, I’ve used some of their tips before.

When you’re in battery usage, what are the top 5 apps listed?


Indeed. quite normal for a phone this age.
The battery in that model was always overtaxed with the hardware the phone has.
My old Pure would last 1hr of youtube video streaming on 50% brightness, from 100% batt to 20%…
Even with a custom rom, batt life is terribly bad.
Only thing u can do is have the internal battery replaced at a shop that does that.
The place I went to quoted $150. Wasn’t worth it to me. The phone is only worth about $100 used now anyway.

I got a Pixel XL for a good deal. Best battery life phone ever! 2 days easy for me.

My wife’s MXPE has also had a noticeable change in battery life in the past week or two. I wonder if there was some recent update that is causing this. Either that or they found a way to engineer Apple’s ‘old device needs to be replaced’ modification.

Right now is not a good time to spend a few hundred dollars on a new phone. And if I get her one with a worse camera than the 21 MP in the MXPE, I’d never hear the end of it. So I just buy a few extra chargers, so she can have different charging options while she is out. :frowning:


Hi @13iron, @gap

I installed AccuBattery a while back just to monitor the battery and get some stats. It reports my MXP’s battery is still at 91% of it’s original capacity, not bad after a couple of years usage.

Might be worth installing and running for a week or so to see what it reports and determine if the battery is going bad or something else is causing the drain.

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Remember that megapixels are not equal to camera quality. The MXP had a mediocre camera at best. Everything from the Moto G5 to the Samsung Galaxy S8 have fewer MP but produce far far far superior results.


indeed. Its all in the quality of optics and sensor.
Case in point…I had a quite old 5MP Olympus Digital point and shoot camera. Large zoomable lens on it. Max memory chip it could take was a 2GB XD card.

That thing took far clearer and sharper pictures than a more expensive high end 12MP camera we bought years later. We used the old Olympus cam for many years until it finely gave up the ghost…

I recall a chart somewhere that showed that for print material, u don’t need anything more than 5MP to enlarge for Billboard size.

And those first advertized 21MP cams,…HA! many are not ture to that. But are software enhanced to get to that number.

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Not quite correct. Blowups are the one place that MPs help. 5MP is recommended for no more than 8"x10".
Pretty good chart here:

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well…the article I read was over 15yrs ago…and it was in a photo magazine …not online. lol

xpe now shuts off with 54% battery left! gggrrr , the screen has always been the biggest culprit even with adaptive brightness off and the slider almost all the way to the left (almost off).

im hoping with the pixel3’s on the horizon, the pixel2xl will drop considerably hopeful but… lol

I suggest you contact Motorola for warranty/repair. Even if it happens to be out of warranty they should be able to give you a quote for battery replacement. If it’s too high a price, as some have already stated, ask if they can recommend a local repair center for example BatteriesPlus or Best Buy, (this is an example, I’m not saying those store will do the repairs…but then again, it never hurts to ask.)

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shop close to me quotes $80+tax… think im gonna wait n see what happens this fall! lol

That’s a good price, but the phone is old…waiting is good too. In Fall maybe RW will have some good deals. (Disclaimer: This is not a hint to any insider info, just pure speculation!)

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