Moto X Pure Edition does not "blink"

Moto X Pure Edition. Phone does not “blink” to let me know I missed a phone call or message, or voice mail. It does places an icon on a top, but can beep or blink be added to it?

I assume you mean a notification LED? For some reason the Moto X Pure has one but Motorola does not allow users to actually use it for the purpose you mentioned. Heaven only knows why. The only workaround seems to require root.

Require root? What exactly do you mean? Thanks for answering.

the Moto X (all Gens 1st, 2nd, 3rd aka pure), Moto E 2nd and Moto G 3rd, and all 4th gen models do not include a notification LED but instead use Moto Display (aka Active display) to show notification

there is a hidden LED under the earpiece only used to tell the user when the phone is plugged in when the battery is fully discharged, with some coding and Root access (system admin access for android devices) one can get that LED to light up for other events but the Phone still needs to be plugged in for it to work and with root the phone would be less secure from malware so I would no recommend doing this


This app I saw in the playstore. I do’t know if it will work and it has ads.

Flash Notification - Android Apps on Google Play

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