Moto X Pure Edition, No Cell Service

I bought a Moto X Pure Edition unlocked and tried to activate it today. I bought a sim card from RW and it worked except for the fact that I don’t have cell service. I can call using wifi, but I have **zero **data connection. Has anybody else dealt with this and actually found a solution? I tried factory resetting the phone, reinstalling the app, and looking through the internet to find a solution to no success. Please help, I really would like to fix this asap. #1088442 is help request I submitted so if any of the RW team can help, let me know.

Since I wasn’t getting cell service, I decided to go to the gym and see if anything changes. Apparently the area my house is in doesn’t get any coverage at all. It doesn’t make sense because previous to this phone I had a republic 1.0 plan and got 3g service very well in this same house. I had to upgrade because I got the new phone and now I only get 4g about 1 mile from my house. Is it not possible to have 3g as a back-up to the 4g service? I just bought the phone so I don’t want to switch services but that is looking like the case if RW can’t help me in this situation.

Republic BYOP phones and the 1.0 phones have a different carrier and therefore, different coverage. What does the coverage checker tell you about BYOP when you put in your ZIP code?

Edited to add: Phones bought from Republic directly, can come with the CDMA (Sprint) coverage that you’ve had on your 1.0 phone. It is not possible to get that coverge with your current phone. You can only get coverage on T-Mobile with BYOP. Republic is working to change that, but we don’t know when or even if it will become a reality.

just to note even some phones bought from republic must be on the GSM partner as they only have GSM Radios (Samsung Galaxy J3, Huawei Ascend 5W, Moto Z, and Moto Z Play)

Hi @sayeds.eszz3h

I suggest working with RW support to see if they can resolve this issue. FWIW, I had the same zero to weak coverage on my MXP on GSM at home. Had no choice but to wait for BYOD CDMA to become a reality.

Not sure if RW did something on the back-end or the GSM carrier changed something, (I see nothing different in cell signal reporting apps), but suddenly, last week, my cellular coverage improved dramatically…(3-4 bars consistently in the basement).

Wish I could offer something more concrete, other than hang in there, there is hope.

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