Moto X Pure Edition + Republic Wireless = Terrible Reception

I’ve been a republic wireless user for about 4 years and have owned the Moto X Pure for about 10 months. The phone itself is nice and I really like the fast charging. Good size. Great picture. Also, the phone works great when I’m at home on my wifi.

Unfortunately, the reception from Republic has gone from below average (at best) to very poor.

I do not get good coverage basically anywhere that i need. Not at work. Not at home. I work in a city with a population of about 100,000. My coverage is spotty at best. When my wife sends me texts throughout the day, I may or may not receive them until I get home on the wifi. Emails are hit or miss as well.

I was recently on a video shoot where I needed to travel. Nothing too remote. Maybe 10 or so miles alway from a decent sized city at any time. Cell phone towers everywhere I looked. I needed to stop at 5 or so locations to film. I was hoping to use Google Maps to find my way around. But, unfortunately, my coverage was simply terrible. I ended up needing to call the locations to help me find my way. Not really knowing the area, it made for a very frustrating day.

I like Republic Wireless in theory. Good pricing and no long contracts. But the execution is not up to par at this point.

I recommend a support ticket about your coverage as 10 months ago the 3.0 phones were all on the Republic GSM partner cell network and Republic now Republic can covert it to CDMA if needed


Thanks for the info drm186. I’ll send in a ticket.


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