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I bought new in 2015 lately when I get to 18% battery it shuts down good battery be going out? I know the battery is not very expensive hiwer after watching videos on YouTube looks like a pain replacing it. I’m debating whether to replace battery or get a new phone.



The likely answer is you’re in initial stages of the battery failing. The phone shutting off under load or at battery percentages other than 0% is a nearly 100% indication of this. Changing the battery is indeed a pain. I would look for a local repair show that will do that for you, if that’s the route you choose.


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I had the Moto X Pure and it was starting to show signs of aging… I moved on to a Moto X4.
The pricing on that one is attractive… of course it’s not the “youngest” phone in the line-up…but seems good for the price.

B&H has been running some good promos bundled with RW SIM card



I turned off GPS location helped the battery last longer. I read Motorola is coming out with the g7 which has a 5000ma battery.

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