Moto x pure edition speakers issue

Hey all,

I have a Moto x pure edition that is having some speaker issues. It won’t play media through them but if I connect a headset, it’ll play music just fine though that. It does play the sound of my ringtone if I go to setting and adjust it but it sort of cuts out a bit. It did this the other day and I shut it off and left it off all night. The following morning it worked normally but today it is acting up again. Any ideas?

Hi @jacobm.ia3w7x!

Hmm…Have you ever dropped the phone in water or had water come in contact with the speaker? Additionally, have you tried rebooting your phone? I would recommend using the phone in safe mode. Hold the power button until it gives the “Power Off?” message/button. Long press that button and it will ask you if you want to boot in safe mode. Click OK and it will reboot. Once in safe mode, try to play some music and see if it will play. Let me know what it does


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It did get wet for a few seconds as it was dropped into water once. I grabbed it quickly but it did get wet. This was quite a few months ago and it seemed fine. I should probably have been more cautious about it. I tried rebooting. I shall try safe mode!

Still won’t play. :disappointed:

Ok! Sometimes it takes a while for water damage to run its course. However, Motorola makes their devices quite well so hopefully that’s not the issue. I dropped my Moto X2 into a washing machine and it still works ;).

Ok. That pretty much rules out software problems. Its probably hardware related. I found this thread that might interest you . One individual suggests that plugging something into the headphone jugging, pushing it as far in as it will go, and then jiggling it a little makes the speaker work. Since the phone was dropped in water, Motorola probably would charge for a repair. It would definitely be $100+.

Yikes. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll look into a repair then maybe.

Yeah. CPR seems to be pretty reputable. They have locations nationwide. A number of members here in the forum have used them. They may be worth a look. How long ago was the phone purchased?

It isn’t even a year old yet. In late July last year was when I got it. CPR?

Cell Phone Repair. . You could send it in to Motorola. If the water damage indicators weren’t triggered it could still be covered under warranty.

Any idea on turn around time through Motorola? Where do I start if I want to send it to Motorola? Is it through directly i want to start or through republic first? I confess my ignorance. Lol.

I did find a local phone repair shop that has 36 reviews and they are very good. They are relatively a new business. CPR is quite a ways away from me (80+ miles further than that local shop).

I’m assuming this water damage indicator is inside somewhere…?

I have used their repair service multiple times. So Motorola offers a couple options. They can repair your phone or they can give you a replacement. The replacement costs around $25 and they send you a device prior to sending your in. I wouldn’t recommend this one because you are going to be nailed with fees if it is water damaged. If you just have them repair it, if it’s water damaged and you decide not to pay for the repair, they will just mail it back to you. Motorola is very unpredictable as far as turn around. It could take a week to about a month. Phones with undisclosed damage could be pushed to the back of the line to get shipped back (that’s just from my experience with Lenovo laptop repair).

There may be one in the sim slot. I am trying to find out, but I can’t pull too much up from a Google search.

Holy cow. Maybe I’d be better off trying the local place? I should give them a call at least to see what it’ll cost I guess. It’s weird that my phone rings just fine when it is called…

Okay. I didn’t see much either from googling. Thanks for being so helpful.

I didn’t see clearing cache as mentioned in your debugging steps…so give that a shot

Ah, I actually did try that the other day. Didn’t seem to help. That night I turned it off and left it off and then it worked the next day.

That is odd. You could still try a factory reset. Sometimes local repair shops like cpr will diagnose a problem for you for free or for a small fee. If you still want to check for water damage, you could pull the SIM tray out of the phone and shine a flashlight into it. If the indicator is in there, it should be either white or pink.

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