Moto x pure edition speakers issue

Okay! I will check for water damage and try the factory reset when I have time. Thanks for the help thus far!

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Keep us posted!

So I tried the factory reset and it seemed to be working last night but again this morning now it doesn’t want to play audio. :disappointed: I tried looking into the micro SD slot for the indicator but I don’t know if I was looking at it or not. There was something white and small inside but I guess I am not sure if it was paper or something else.

I stopped at that local phone repair and they checked and said the moisture indicator is not set off (it was in the slot as you said). They suggested sending it in for warranty and didn’t charge me anything.


Awesome! Are you going to go with the Advanced Exchange or wait for them to repair it/send you a replacement after sending it in? Keep us posted.

Oh my. I haven’t gotten that far yet. Lol. So I just want to go to Motorola directly then? What do you recommend between the options?

Well, the advanced exchange costs additional money, but you won’t be without a phone. I only used the advanced exchange when it didn’t cost extra (a few years ago). I have used the repair as well as the return & replace (standard exchange) options. The fastest was the repair. The exchanges ran into issues because they were customized devices. In those cases, I got 2 free Moto maker codes to get a brand new customized one. Sometimes, one of the options may not be available. To check, go here, login, and follow the prompts to choose your phone, etc.

Okay. I’ll check it out! Thanks for the input!

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Hey, another question: I still have my old moto x, can I activate that while my moto x pure edition is being sent in for repair? Or is it best to just wait and live without cell service?

You can do that! Just be aware that you have about 20 days before your SIM can’t be reactivated and you have to buy a new one.

It’ll be up to Motorola to get it back fast enough… So reactivating this old phone now won’t cause issues when trying to activate my phone when I get it back? I just don’t want to cause unforseen issues. This phone uses a different sim card then? I saw this one is labeled “sprint” on it.

Hi @jacobm.ia3w7x,

Your old Moto X is the one with the Sprint SIM correct? Presuming I’m right about that, it’s the right SIM for your old Moto X.

Regarding, reactivating the SIM for you Moto X Pure; upon return from Motorola, you’ll need to raise a help ticket with Republic to get it reactivated. I strongly suggest removing that SIM prior to sending your phone off to Moto for repairs.

Yep, it is the sprint one.

Okay. A help ticket is easy to do. I took everything out of that phone so it is good to go.

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I got my phone back yesterday. It was picked up by FedEx Monday, which is a pretty fast turnaround to get another phone. They seem to have covered it under warranty! Yay!


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