Moto X pure edition system updates

I have a Moto X pure edition! I have not received a system update for quite some time now! I am still on Android 7.0. Will the be updating the Moto X soon to Android 8.1?

Sorry, No. The manufacture controls the updates to the phones. In this case, Motorola. The Moto X Pure is end of life and not getting any new updates.
It was announced in July 2015, and released Sept 2015.
So it is a bit over 3yrs old now.
7.0 is the latest and final version for that model.

Most flagship phones at best, see 2 yrs of major OS version updates, thats it. The exception would be Google Pixel phones.

And Nokia 6.1 7.1 they get all 3years update to the
latest android os The 6.1 is getting the pie load
already. Has a good solid metal body not glass

Yes. However, Nokia devices are not supported on Republic, hence why i did not mention them.

This is also true for the Moto X4 Android One edition which IS supported by Republic.

This is one of the reasons why I think RW should consider supporting Nokia phones. The company seems to be moving in the right direction since being bought by HMD Global.

Wow…I bought the phone off the RW website March 2017 now suddenly I got an old■■■■phone that won’t be updated! Amazing…why would they not tell you that prior to buying their leftovers? So now what phone should I buy to make sure I don’t get stuck with a dinosaur again without spending $500+

I would hazard a guess that it was a Certified Refurbished.
Republic sometimes sells Refurbished phones at a discounted price.

Is there something your phone doesn’t do now that it would do with an OS update? I have phones that haven’t been updated in years that work fine. If you desire timely updates, you’ll want a new Pixel 3.

Yes…but the cost of that is $800+ for the 3 and more for the larger screen version.
One may be able to find a deal on the Pixel 2 used/refurbished for around the $500-600 range.

I just dont think that a phone that cost that much and is made out of glass is worth it. Unless you a power user The new mid range phone are just as good, and serve the average user very well. But I still like the Nokia . Have had Moto for 25 years and they are getting long in the tooth so slow on upgrades.

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