Moto X pure edition update, and discussion on updates and longevity of technology in general


Will this phone be getting any more upgrades beyond Android 7?


It will not. The phone is no longer being updated or supported by Motorola as it is a discontinued product that was released in 2015.

Updates are done by the manufacture, Motorola, not Republic.


Well darn that sucks the phone is only 3 years old.


In general, Android phones receive no more than two major OS updates. Google Pixels are guaranteed two major updates and security patches for three years.


You’re not missing much. Android 6 was the last of the big updates IMHO. Android 7, 8, and 9 are in the tiny incremental update category (I’m not very thrilled with Android 9. Too many annoying notifications, Maybe it will get better this fall).


I haven’t been to impressed with 7.0 nougat


Yeah, I’ve got to admit a preference for the even numbered releases of Android (2, 4, 6, and 8).


With 6 I could assign different sounds to contact so I knew who it was 7 took that away


Hi think it sucks suppliers stop supporting their products my job uses the iPad mini which Apple stop supporting now it will hardly open the work order application we use.


In most cases, there is just a basic business reason for not updating. There’s no money in it. In some cases, it’s a technical reason.

Perhaps manufacturers should consider an upgrade fee ($20, $30 $40?) to make a business case for providing updates past their support period.


The current version of iOS (iOS 11) runs on the iPad mini 2 and newer. The original iPad mini was released in late 2012. Respectfully, when it comes to technology, expecting a company to actively support a now nearly six-year old device is unrealistic. The reality is if one wants active software support, one needs to be prepared to periodically upgrade their hardware.


True I forget how fast technology moves these day’s


Would certainly be a way to generate income


I think the problem is that the tech industries have made automotive “planned obsolescence” look like kindergarten children’s play. And we, being used to it, just accept it. As an example of support for outdated products, the auto industry must provide parts for critical functions for at least a decade. For what reason should the makers of idiot distractions should be held to a lesser standard.

The business case for halting support for three and four year old products is to keep us on a treadmill of constantly lining their pockets for little or no reason. Sort of like leasing an automobile, Microsoft and the whole software industry is trying to force us into renting their software instead of purchasing it to keep dipping into our pockets.

This will stop only if we demand it. Perhaps it is time for open source code for phones.


Automobiles typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, smartphones hundreds.

In theory, Android is open source. If you’re hinting at rolling your own and are expecting the network operators (from whom Republic leases cellular access) to allow it on their networks, it’s not going to happen no matter what we demand.


So, smart phones are expendable junk to which we have no right to expect years of service despite costing hundreds or more dollars? If memory serves, the requirement that auto makers keep an active inventory of parts came into being when cars cost two to four grand.


Apple’s forthcoming iOS 12 supports iPhones as old as the iPhone 5S (released in 2013). Google promises two major software updates and security patches for 3 years for Pixels. Some other Android manufacturers provide ongoing software support for their devices (usually the more expensive ones) also.

If one expects ongoing software support for their smartphone for ten years or expects significant ongoing support from the manufacturer for their $99 Android phone, they’re being unrealistic.

The two to four grand you reference was in yesterday’s dollars. Today, it would be tens of thousands. That’s inflation for you.


No, it’s much more than inflation. According to Wall Street numbers, profits and executive comp are far outstripping inflation.

If the software folks are unwilling to keep the products they overprice current, they should be forced to open up the code to ubuntu-like outfits in the open source community. Same goes for the network outfits.

Americans are being screwed over by the major cell phone companies. Thank goodness for Republic. But Republic is the only outfit to my knowledge that provides, on a limited basis (2.0 plans on somewhat older phones), rates competitive with those in the rest of the modern world.


Well I have two 30 year old cars


Great! My primary driver is 11 yrs old and is frequently assumed to be new.